Big thanks to you all!

Well what a great time we had! There was a steady stream of interested visitors, whether
they were friends of exhibitors, people who had seen a flyer or one of our links or listings
and those that just happened by. We had zine readings which added a moment of intimacy to
the proceedings and gave us something to think about. There was a variety of comics and
zines there and the time flew by as we created a comic strip together and a collaborative
drawing(so keep an eye out for those).

If you missed it, then not to worry, we’ve already got something in the pipeline for later
in the year so watch this space!

Thanks to everyone who came down to show off their stuff on the day (see the updated link on
the right) and to everyone who helped in putting it together, whether it was moral support
or physical labour(or both)! Big shout outs to Peter Lally for being optimistic energetic
and a general source of supportive vibes, plus his time and effort in flyering and
promoting, Sean Duffield for supportive words and a mailing list as long as my arm! Al
Maceachern for making flyers and organising the comic strip, josceline fenton for putting
the word right out there and helping with the flyering, Alex Fitch for getting us on air and
editting the “y’knows..” out! John Anderson, Giovanni Spinella, Richard Hayes and the Comics
Creators Guild for their support which put my mind at rest and was really touching. Chloe
McCormack for her really personal reading and Chris for reading his article about student
life in Durham. Shabs, Zarina and Cella for flyering, giving up their time. Also to everone
who took flyers and told a few people about us including (but not exclusively) Gosh!,
Orbital and the Camden comics stall.

As well as everyone who came along and added to the
atmosphere, see you next time!

ps pics up here soon


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