LCC zine library

“The Library at the London College of Communication (part of the University of the Arts London) has started to collect zines. We have a special collection of books, the Printing Historical Collection (PHC), relating to printing history and the development of the Western book dating from the 15th Century to the present day. We see zines as fitting in well with the private press and artists’ books section of this collection. We are primarily interested in zines which are art or politics based, and are looking to collect samples of a range of zines to highlight the variety of the scene today. We are able to buy zines but, of course, will also accept donations. I should add that whilst the PHC is not on open shelves we regularly show the books (and zines) to our students who find the collection inspiring. Non-students can also make an appointment to see items from the collection. Here is a bit more information about the Printing Historical Collection

The zine collection is currently very small but we hope you will be interested in helping it develop. If you are interested in your work being added to our collection, please contact me to discuss this further at

With kind regards,

Leila Kassir

Information Services Librarian,

London College of Communication”


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