Alternative Press Fair 2010 The Party!

Here it is the final lowdown on the Alternative Press Fair Party!

After the Fair (which incidently will be the greatest conglomeration of small press talent ever crammed together in one room) there will be food, music, open mic, poetry and the having of fun. Including;

George Chopping
Deserved Winner of the Utter Ajar open mic competiton.
is one of the most talented poets about.
He has the power to hospitalize (with a ‘Z’) whole audiences with laughter alone. Rare London performance.

Lucy Leagrave
The Chrissy Hynde of Vintage Posion,who are to Poetry what Bader Meinhoff were to flared corduroy.
has been known to break many a merry go round with her acerbic wit.

The Wizard of Skill
‘You know I’ve been around a while and in my experience of MCs who failed to make it in the music biz and plague the poetry circuit
with their non descript wordz (more Zzzzzs) and jazzy hand movements are pompous windbags with no sense of humour or humanity.
All I’m saying is THANK GOD FOR THE WIZARD OF SKILL!’ – Quincy Jones.

Jon Oyster
currently hails from Woodford where ALL London Cabbies live, FACT.
Rocks like a Bucharest orphan!

Trent Miller
Slanted Cowboy Singing Sensation!

Paul Hawkins and the Awkward Silences
The legends of DIY music play a rare acoustic set!

And its all FREE!! and its all happening on the Saturday 13th February at St Aloysius Social Club Phoenix Road London NW1 1TA, right near Euston Station, noon til midnight so be there!!


Blue Birocalypse!!

Well, there’s still loads of great blue biro fliers I could share with you all, but as the day of the Alternative Press Fair (Sat 13th Feb) is closing fast, I thought the time was right to reveal the light-blue stationary-based orgy that is the Alternative Press Fair 2010 Poster!

This poster will be screen printed live on the day by you the public, so if you ever fancied learning how to screen print, (or if you’re just a sick silk screen pervert who can’t turn down an opportunity to print), now’s your chance! Expert screen printer Mark Pavey will be on hand with helpful advice. So come along and join the fun!