MEGA LAUNCH!!! COMIX READER ISSUE 2/ Black Project 1 by Gareth Brookes/ Static Revolver by Lord Hurk and Kevin Ward!!!

This mega-mega-mega launch celebrates the launch of the second issue of the Comix Reader, edited by Richard Cowdry and featuring work by Lord Hurk, Tanya Meditzky, Eliot Baggott, Barnaby Richards, Julia Homersham and many, many more. BUT! On this very evening we will also see the launch of The Black Project, a dark adolescent tale in writing, linocut and embroidery by Comix Reader contributor Gareth Brookes, and – as if that were not enough! – Static Revolter 2, a surreal, mad, and utterly wonderful pamphlet by Comix Reader cover artist Lord Hurk and Comix Reader contributor Kevin Ward. Learn more at – we’re fairly excited for this triumvirate of excellent publications to hit the streets! Look for us on the ground floor