MEGA LAUNCH!!! COMIX READER ISSUE 2/ Black Project 1 by Gareth Brookes/ Static Revolver by Lord Hurk and Kevin Ward!!!

This mega-mega-mega launch celebrates the launch of the second issue of the Comix Reader, edited by Richard Cowdry and featuring work by Lord Hurk, Tanya Meditzky, Eliot Baggott, Barnaby Richards, Julia Homersham and many, many more. BUT! On this very evening we will also see the launch of The Black Project, a dark adolescent tale in writing, linocut and embroidery by Comix Reader contributor Gareth Brookes, and – as if that were not enough! – Static Revolter 2, a surreal, mad, and utterly wonderful pamphlet by Comix Reader cover artist Lord Hurk and Comix Reader contributor Kevin Ward. Learn more at – we’re fairly excited for this triumvirate of excellent publications to hit the streets! Look for us on the ground floor


Flyers, Flyers, Flyers!!

It’s always great when we get flyers, it makes me feel really good to know that people are willing to invest their time and efforts to be a part of Alternative Press, here are some we have had recently from Kate McMorrine, Dave Z Green, Saban Kazim and one by Me too!

If you want to do one, then please send it to me jimigherkin – at – yahoo . co . uk, it’d be cool to have a series of different characters reading a zine or something like the couple you see below.

Also, we’re hoping to put a book out of all the flyers done since our first ever event in 2008!

Love all round, jimi gherkin x

International Alternative Press Festival 2011! Here we go!

International Alternative Press Festival 2011

Friday 27th May

Festival Opening Party!

The Miller, London Bridge

Performance by Resonance Radio Orchestra; an ensemble of musicians and actors from Resonance 104.4FM, London’s independent arts radio station. Collaborating with live illustration by artists from home and overseas.

Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th May

Alternative Press Fair

Conway Hall, London

A fair where artists will be exhibiting and selling their self-published comix, zines, art books, prints, radical literature and poetry. Three rooms of workshops and talks including Andy Simons from the British Library, screen-printing workshops and a reading area with Zine Swap.

Saturday 28th May – 13th June 2011

Free Exhibition

Stripburger – A Taste of Slovenia’s Premier Comics Zine

Orbital Comics, London
Artists, workshops, talks and more TBC

Monday 30th May – 5th June 2011

Exhibition & Events

New Gallery London
Including a film night,
storytelling, poetry and zine sleep- over! With a live printing event at the end of the week.

Artists TBC

Monday 30th May – 5th June 2011

Exhibition/ Live collaborative art project

Sassoon Gallery, London